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Graphic design inspiration: 5 websites to spark creative ideas

Key points


  • Print design is fantastic for any kind of layout inspiration. I share 5 incredible websites in this post
  • The best projects seem to do well in the following areas: Consistent alignment, clear-cut hierarchy, unique use of typography
  • The world of web design is progressing at a blistering pace. I share some of my favorite sites for web design inspiration so you can keep up
  • Your creative process should revolve around finding inspirational references, then finding ways of modifying and/or combine them to create something new

Looking for graphic or web design inspiration and ideas? Check out these 5 websites to spark your creative mind. I threw in some specific websites that I find inspirational as well.

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Being creative in the design space is all about your ability to take inspiration from others and make something new and extraordinary. Every new layout in the world of graphic design starts with looking at what has already been created. So, in this blog post, we're going to take a look at some of the best websites for graphic design inspiration. We'll also explore some websites for web design inspiration, as well as some inspirational website designs that I simply couldn’t help but share. Let's get started.

Extraordinary layouts require extraordinary inspiration

Every new creation in graphic design is, in some way, a remix or combination of already existing creations.

Let's dig deeper though.

Inspiration is what allows us to see the world in a new way. It gives us the ability to take what we see and make something new and extraordinary out of it. Without inspiration, we would be limited to copying what has already been created and the world would quickly become quite bland.

So, thanks to this thing that we call "inspiration", designers can strive to create groundbreaking layouts that push the boundaries of what is possible. We can take something that already exists and either build on it, modify it or combine it with something else to create something that the world has never seen before.

But where does inspiration come from? There is no one answer to that question, as it can come from anywhere and anything. Some graphic designers find inspiration in art, while others find it in nature or everyday objects. However, one of the best places to find inspiration is online. There are countless websites out there that are devoted to showcasing amazing compositions. Those will be our focus for this post.

In addition to graphic design inspiration websites, there are also many websites devoted to web design inspiration. We'll look at those too.

Diagram showing how to combine two website designs to create a new website design
Web design by Zhenya, Beans Agency, and Creatorfuel
Screenshot of a diagram showing how to modify a website design to create a new design
Web design by TwoByEight on Dribbble and Creatorfuel

Websites for graphic design inspiration and ideas

I've compiled a list of my favorite websites for layout design ideas. These websites feature a wide variety of design styles and can provide inspiration for any project you're working on.

Typographic Posters

This website is dedicated to showcasing amazing compositions that use type in creative ways. There are some truly amazing examples of what can be done with type on this site. From intricate hand-lettering to bold statement pieces, there is a little bit of everything here

Simply a massive collection of incredibly inventive and thought-provoking layouts. A fantastic place to broaden your creativity. You’ll want to bookmark this one for sure.

Screenshot of Typographic Posters' website
Via Typographic Posters


PrintMag is a website that is devoted to showcasing amazing compositions in print design. It features a wide variety of layout ideas, and can provide inspiration for any project you're working on. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next print project or simply want to see some amazing examples of what can be done with typography, color and inventive layouts, PrintMag is well worth a visit.

Inspiration aside, just browsing the incredibly unique ways that creators are using type these days is a fun activity in and of itself.

Lots of sweet branding projects to check out as well.

Screenshot of PrintMag's website
Via PrintMag


CreativeBoom is packed with inspiring articles, case studies, interviews, and portfolios.

Not only do you get to enjoy and be inspired by incredibly creative & stellar work but you also get to read about the creators' thinking behind their work.

Screenshot of CreativeBoom's website
Via CreativeBoom

Film Art Gallery

This site is home to some of the most iconic movie posters ever designed. If you’re looking for layout inspiration that will make your jaw drop, then this is the place for you.

I’ve always been super drawn to movie posters and trying to decipher the thinking behind the visual design decisions that were made. Plenty of opportunities for inspiration here.

Screenshot of Film Art Gallery's website
Via Film Art Gallery

Designspiration album covers

This site is a must-see for all graphic designers. It’s essentially a search engine for layouts, allowing you to find inspiration based on specific colors, keywords, and more.

Designspiration is great for any type of inspiration, but their album cover category is my favorite. Amazing combinations of layout, type and color.

Screenshot of Designspiration's website
Via Designspiration

Best websites for web design inspiration

Web design is another area where inspiration is essential. After all, with so many websites out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best websites for web design inspiration:


This is The Oscars of the world of web design. You’ll only find the best of the best here. Well-described by Awwwards themselves: “Awwwards recognizes and promotes the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.”

Screenshot of the website
Via Awwwards


If Awwwards is The Oscars then The FWA (Favourite Website Awards) is The Golden Globes. Like Awwwards, there’s a Site of the Day, Site of the Month and Site of the Year. The SOTD never fails to impress me.

Screenshot of The FWA website
Via The FWA

One Page Love

As the name suggests, this website features an extensive collection of one-page websites (like landing pages).

Unlike a regular website, a "One Pager" does not have additional pages such as an About Page, a Team Page, or a Services Page. A long-scrolling layout is traditionally used to present all the content on one webpage.

The main advantage that a One Page website has is its focus on simplicity. By promoting one thing in a straightforward way, you're more likely to get a visitor to convert than if you overwhelmed them with too many options and pages.

So if you’re working on a landing page project or a micro-site, be sure to consider OPL for inspiration.

Screenshot of One Page Love website
VIa One Page Love


SiteInspire is a no-nonsense web design inspiration website. The simplest on this list by far. Just a directory of the best-designed websites from around the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

Screenshot of SiteInspire website
Via SiteInspire


Dribbble truly is the heart of the design community. It’s essentially what Instagram used to be for Photographers. Just a place to showcase beautiful pieces, connect likeminded individuals, get feedback and potentially get hired.

Screenshot of Dribbble website
Via Dribbble

Inspirational website design (some of my current favorites)

Health By Habit

Big bold type, rich saturated colors, and some silky-smooth animations (Health By Habit)

Screenshot of Health By Habit's website
Via Health By Habit


Infrared's website looks and feels like what it promotes: Saunas. It’s warm, cozy and tranquil.

Screenshot of Infrared's website
Via Infrared


Hematogenix won Site of the Day on Awwwards. I’m not surprised. The 3D, type and layout aligns perfectly with the subject matter–pharmacology and science.

Screenshot of Hematogenix's website
Via Hematogenix

Huy Phan

Huy Phan's website is exactly what you’d expect an elite-level designer’s portfolio to look like. Experimental layouts, animations and typography make for a super unique experience.

Screenshot of Huy Phan's portfolio website
Via Huy Phan

Alta Moda - Doce & Gabbana

Alta Moda's website shows elegant use of typography paired with an incredibly pleasant & smooth horizontal-scrolling experience.

Screenshot of the Alta Moda website
Via Alta Moda

Baunfire's website appears to be quite simple at first scroll but then you truly come to appreciate what the effort they put into their typographic layouts and pairings. They sure gave me plenty of ideas.

Screenshot of the Baunfire website
Via Baunfire

But, how do you actually use inspiration to create something "original"?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the approach you take will vary depending on the type of design you're working on. However, here are a few of the steps I use (you can steal and build upon them):

  1. Start by gathering a bunch of inspirational references. This can be done by browsing websites like the ones mentioned in this blog post, as well as searching for keywords related to your project.
  2. Once you have a large collection of references, begin by identifying the elements from each reference that appeal to you (circle them perhaps, to keep track). You can also sort your references into categories based on what they have in common. This can help you see themes and trends that you may not have noticed before.
  3. Now it's time to get creative! Experiment with combining, modifying, and adapting different elements from your references to create something new and unique. Don't be afraid to push the boundaries and take risks.
  4. If you get stuck, it's time to ask for feedback. Reach out to a peer, a friend or an online community. There are plenty of people out there who are happy to offer advice and feedback. Though be sure to be specific with your request.
Diagram showing two websites being combiend to create a new website design
Web design by Zhenya, Beans Agency, and Creatorfuel
Diagram showing how to remix web design to create something original
Web design by TwoByEight on Dribbble and Creatorfuel

My friend Dan Romero does a perfect job of showing this process in action in this Instagram post.

The next time you need some references–whether it’s for a print, web or packaging project, try visiting one of the websites listed in this blog post. Copy, modify and combine things you like. Before you know it, you’ll have something new and exciting to share with the community. If you're unsure or stuck, reach out for feedback from peers or an online community. Iterate and keep having fun with it.

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“I'm floored by how much content you deliver in these emails. Again, thank you!” -Lindsey O.

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I'm okay with abandoning a book midway now. Just a couple years ago, I would power through the whole thing in fear of missing out on some crucial ideas in the later chapters.

Now, I just have fun with it. If it piques my interest, great – I'll buy it, read the chapters that seem interesting, get what I came for and move onto the next one.

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