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I redesigned a moving company’s homepage

Key points


  • Pixelated imagery hurts credibility
  • Hero image positioning should take into account foreground elements and strategically contribute to the overall message
  • Avoid redundant textual content
  • Keeping your visual language "modern" shows viewers that your brand is progressive, professional and current
  • Ample side-margins "frame" content with white space which helps viewer focus
  • Breaking the frame with imagery is an easy way of adding tons of visual interest and depth to a layout

In this redesign, we discuss the importance of hero image resolution & positioning, current visual language, line-length, internal consistency and much more.

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“I'm floored by how much content you deliver in these emails. Again, thank you!” -Lindsey O.
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“I'm floored by how much content you deliver in these emails. Again, thank you!” -Lindsey O.

This is a redesign I did for Flux Academy's Instagram stories last year. See their highlights for more.


I'll be redesigning the homepage hero section for a moving company called Top Moving Solutions that helps Nashville-based clients who need experienced movers for a complete hands-off moving experience.

Top Moving Solutions has been in business for 13 years and take care of both residential & commercial moves.

The current site was built in WordPress. Check it out here.


✅ Prominent call-to-action (clear next steps)

They leveraged scale to make next steps crystal clear and direct. Once the user trusts the brand, there will be no confusion as to what action to take (underrated move).

✅ Dark translucent layer to help contrast and readability

✅ Plenty of pertinent trust-building information immediately accessible

Potential clients are going to want to learn more about the business, who's behind it, who's used it, the services offered etc.

❌ Odd positioning & crop of hero image

The overly zoomed-in crop makes the contents of the image indiscernible preventing it from adding to the overall message, look & feel.

❌ Pixelated hero image

Viewers subconsciously view the quality of your offer to be directly proportional to the quality of your website. High-res imagery helps reassure potential clients that your offer/service will involve great attention to detail.

❌ Redundant/recurrent textual content

What does repeating the company name in the headline, logo, and background image add to the overall message of convincing viewers to become clients? Design is utilitarian. Even the more visceral elements/decisions of a layout serve a unique purpose. You're better off making good use of every single element in a layout.

❌ Dated visual language (lacks identity)

When poorly executed, an old-fashioned visual language may scare off potential clients as they may suspect the company is either defunct or sloppy. A progressive brand that keeps with the times will always outperform one that is not current about their digital presence (when all else is equal).

❌ Excessive line-length & letter-spacing

Extra long line-lengths and letter-spacing force our eyes to make more exaggerated eye movements (it's more work). In this case, our eyes start at one edge of the screen and read until the opposite edge. The letter-spacing also makes it ever so slightly harder to piece together characters in order to recognize words.

It's just a distance thing.

Textual content that is compact is typically easier to consume.

❌ No clear visual pecking order of elements

When a layout contains multiple elements that have the same visual weight, what typically happens is disorientation. When everything is important, nothing is important, which leads to paralysis by analysis. Too many closely positioned elements fighting for our attention prevents us from smoothly navigating the layout.

Check visual weight by blurring the layout and seeing the degree to which things stick out.

❌ Button text contrast is poor

That button copy gets completely lost inside that light sky blue button. The brightness difference between white (the text color) and the button's light sky blue just isn't pronounced enough.

❌ Lack of internal consistency (buttons & typography)

Internal consistency = your layout's unique rules. In this case, a light blue button with dark blue text could be the secondary button style, while a dark blue button with white text could be the primary button style.

❌ Tiny side-margins creates visual tension (+ hurts content consumption)

Webpage navigation is a vertical experience. We consume the content from top to bottom and scroll down to view more.

Having super-wide end-to-end content disrupts this vertical flow. Intentional side-margins helps create vertical flow!

❌ Important elements get lost (reviews and coupon)

The layering and lack of surrounding white space around the reviews badge and coupon link make them unnoticeable.

The Redesign

🎯 Goals

  • Correct basic visual design flaws
  • Develop mood and visual language to make brand appear more progressive
  • Replace redundant textual content with efficacious elements that will help conversions
  • Big focus on conveying approachability and building trust

⚙️ Process

STEP 1: Define context & layout goals

  • Layout type: Website homepage hero section
  • Vertical: Relocation services, packing services & supplies
  • Communication goals: Build trust, service area(s), contact CTA
  • Desired results: 20% clickthrough rate to offer
  • STEP 2: Research

    STEP 3: Prepare the content

    STEP 4: Rough layouts / sketching

    Reviews, phone number, and socials all easily accessible and prominent given that they are surrounded with white space. This helps build trust. Coupon should be a pop-up or slide-in form.

    Humanize the brand and make it feel more approachable by showing your movers. I found this image of one of your team members in your website gallery which I thought was fantastic.

    Punchy, confident headline. Subhead mentions location.The company name is already conveniently descriptive (Moving Solutions)

    END OF PHASE 1: Get feedback

    STEP 5: Define the mood


    This is a homepage hero section for a moving company brand that helps Nashville-based individuals & businesses who need to pack & relocate their goods without lifting a finger. This layout needs to feel:

    • Approachable
    • Trustworthy
    • Dependable
    • Friendly
    • Caring



    Symmetrical or asymmetrical


    Sans-serif with gentle curves that balances sophistication and friendliness


    • White (Simplicity, openness, clarity, hope)
    • Blue (Trust, security, responsibility)

    Potential visual treatments

    • Imagery that breaks the frame
    • Slightly rounded corners

    STEP 6: Create moodboard (collect visual ideas)

    STEP 7: Apply visual ideas

    The current background image feels a little too raw and unrefined, let's replace it with some color for now and add imagery later.

    I love how calm and approachable this yellow feels. We're going to steal it and just change the hue (H value) to our blue.

    I like the idea of having a truck backed into the layout with some boxes.

    So, I found a stock image of a similar truck, isolated the background, added a shadow and the company’s logo

    There's quite a bit going on in this layout so I think adding side-margins to the imagery can help viewers more easily focus on the content.

    As is, the layout isn't balanced. The headline font is too light. We need something chunkier to match the weight of the imagery on the right side.

    I went with Inter Black and added some finishing touches.

    END OF PHASE 2: Get feedback

    STEP 8: Pick a spatial system and setup grid

    Now that we know how our content falls on the canvas and we’ve settled on a layout and mood, we can align, size and space elements accurately to clean things up and create sizing and spacing rules for our layout.

    We do this by establishing a spatial system.

    A spatial system = your layout's sizing & spacing rules

    This creates visual rhythm, creates consistency within the layout and removes any guessing on your end as a creator.

    It all starts by picking a base number and letting all sizing and spacing be multiples of that base number. The layout below follows an 8pt system (I picked 8 as my base unit).

    Notice how all the sizing and spacing numbers are multiples of 8?

    32, 64, 224 are all divisible by 8.

    8pt is the most popular because it’s an even number meaning you won’t be splitting pixels when centering elements and it gives you a reasonable amount of sizing options (8, 16, 24, 32, ) that are distinct enough

    A smaller base unit like 4pt gives you more options. Do you need the extra spacing/sizing options? (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48 etc etc)

    A bigger base unit like 16pt gives you fewer options and the sizing and spacing differences may be too big (16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96)

    An odd number like 7 means you’ll be splitting pixels when centering elements which can be detrimental for aligning further elements

    STEP 9: Layout efficacy checklist

    END OF PHASE 3: Get feedback

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    “I'm floored by how much content you deliver in these emails. Again, thank you!” -Lindsey O.
    weekly redesigns
    Learn design through redesigns
    Every Tuesday, I redesign something you send me and explain my exact thought process
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    “I'm floored by how much content you deliver in these emails. Again, thank you!” -Lindsey O.

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    I’ve learned that no amount of coaching, fancy apps, “creativity hacks & tips” etc, will make up for:

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    • Low vitamin D3 (lack of direct sunlight exposure)
    • Lack of movement (sports, resistance training, cardio)
    • Poor diet (macro and micronutrients)
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